Our mentors are young and inspiring professionals who have gained expertise in their fields, and are motivated to support talented youngsters. Currently we are working with mentors from 5 countries, and we keep expanding our network.

The mentors are there to support you with advice, ideas, action plans, participating in meetings, taking your project further, being in constant communication with you and your parent.

When you submit a project, you are provided the option to decide whether you would like to work with a mentor. If you decide on the collaboration, you are sent an email with an agreement between you, your parent and the mentor, and you will be kindly asked to accept the terms and conditions of this collaboration.

Discuss with your mentor how to keep in contact and with what regularity. In addition, talk about what you would like your mentor to help with, and how you, your parent and the mentor can work together.

If a project is not 100% funded, you can still decide to start realizing it. In this case, if you decided to work with a mentor earlier, please let your mentor know about your plans.